Here are some frequently asked questions…

If you would like to contact someone by phone for BeTheMatch.org,

Please call Mark @ (727) 348-5060

Question: Does Emilie have a bone marrow match yet?

Answer: No, unfortunately she does not. It is a 1 in 58,000 chance of being a match. So, we need to spread Emilie’s story as far as we can and test as many people as we can to find Emilie’s match.

Question: How old do I need to be to be a donor?

Answer: 18-44

Question: If I am not in your state, where can I order my free cheek swab kit?

Answer:  You need to go to bethematch.org/Fl and register online & they will mail you a kit.

Question: Where can I go locally to get tested?

Answer: Go to the locations on the menu button on this page. There will be an updated list of the drive locations.


Question: I am already on the registry, how can I see if I am the match?

Answer: You have already been checked, if you did not get a call about Emilie, unfortunately you did not match.


Question: Do I need to be a certain blood type?

Answer: No, “Donors and patients are matched by their HLA type, which is different from matching blood types. A simple cheek swab can help us determine whether you’re a close bone marrow match to a patient.” -Bethematch.org.

Question: How is the procedure done if I am a match?

Answer: Please go to bethematch.org. All the information about what is done, how to donate bone marrow, how long it takes, how long it takes to grow back…the whole process is on the site.