Emilie’s Updates

Unfortunately, time has run out for Emilie to find a 100% match. As of April 30th, Emilie’s doctors will no longer be looking to the national registry for a 100% match. 

Emilie has to have her bone marrow transplant in the beginning of June. Her father is a 50% match, if a 100% match is not found by April 30th, he will be Emilie’s donor. It takes one month to prep both the donor & Emilie for the transplant. They will begin their prep in the beginning of May.

They will know if the bone marrow worked 3 weeks after the transplant. If it did not, they will do an emergency transplant from her mother, who is also a 50% match.

We will continue to post drives on our page to register as a donor on the national registry to save one of the  14,000 other people like Emilie looking for matching donors.